Sunday, January 18, 2015

QiPress is a portable Windows program that displays key presses on the screen. With ability to control which key-strokes to display, it is a must-have tool for live software product demos and screen-cast recordings.

QiPress Versions:
Lite (with most of the features for on-screen key display)
Pro (with some advanced functions)

Features (Lite | Pro)

1) Display any key pressed on keyboard, including standard, toggles (Num, Caps, Scroll lock), mouse-buttons, modifiers (Win, Ctrl, Shift, Alt) and more, deactivate/activate keys of your choice.
2) Portable, works out of a removable drive on any Windows system
3) Easy drag to position, click-through
4) Set display style: background and text color, size, transparency
5) Multiple branding text to display your website, company's name or your name
6) Count keystrokes with built-in QiMeter, useful to know if you are overdoing keyboard usage.
... and many more!

Advanced Features (Pro)

1) Display history
2) Advanced display style: customizable background image and text font, rounded corners, customizable date-time display, customizable volume bar, count-up timer
3) Multi-monitor support, with precision-positioning controls
4) Display A-Z keystrokes in true case, extended keys (ä, é, õ, û, ©, µ and more)
5) Danish, Finnish, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Norwegian, Swedish and Vietnamese keyboards and input methods supported
6) Display double-triple mouse left button clicks, key hold detection
7) Support for LogoBug (or Display On-screen Graphic is a watermark-like logo with broadcaster name on a typical TV screen, extended to the computer now) with customizable image and useful transformation controls (PNG alpha-channel support, positioning, transparency, flip and rotate).
8) Fully customizable CursorHalo (halo around the mouse pointer) with visual mouse-clicks (see left, right and middle mouse-clicks as visual rings on screen).
9) Customizable Disable Time - QiPress disables (does not display keystrokes) for a specified time and automatically enables, allowing you to input your password without revealing it to the audience during demos.
10) Qiffeine - keeps your computer awake by sending virtual keystrokes - a useful function for system administrators.
11) QiManager - sets hotkeys for major system actions like shut down, hibernate, restart.
12) QiLock - with customizable hotkeys to lock/unlock the keyboard (not the computer).
13) Sound support - sounds to notify activation/deactivation.
14) Toggle keys status as System Tray icon
15) Choose symbols instead of text (▲ instead of Up, ✉ instead of Launch_Mail, and some)
... and many more!

for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
site :
Downloads: Direct Download (32+64-bit Common)


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